Eco-village Podgora

Eco-village Podgora is located 7km from Zabljak, halfway between Durmitor and Tara.
300 years ago, that location was known as Tepaca. Most of the farmers had summer pastures in that area, and would move to different places during winter. With time, Zabljak was developing as a main city in that region, and people were starting to make their permanent homes in the village.
Podgora became one of the first cultural centers in Durmitor region. The first school, the library, and the folk dance group “Sloga” were established in the village at the end of the last century. Over the time, Podgora inhabitants were able to preserve their tradition, a simple way of life, and love for nature.
The proof of their uniqueness is the fact that this is the first and only Eco-village of this kind in Montenegro.
In this time and age, when sustainable living is the only way of renewing rather than depleting the planet’s resources, the one has to be ready to meet all the local and global challenges, and help promote and sustain eco-friendly way of living. All Podgora inhabitants are ready to do that, so they can pave the way to sustainable living in all the places in Eco-state of Montenegro.


What one could say about ancient place of rest for Gods? Those Gods from ‘Durmitor as well as those from Olympus were always aspiring to the skies and heights .When someone is looking aloft to the highest peaks of this mountain ,it really seems as if Earth is touching the sky and that bluish colour of the sky is resting on mighty shoulders of Durmitor .The names of its stone and cogged peaks ,which people from Durmitor are calling ‘’Soe nebeske or Soe bozije” MORE